Dec. 19 - Play - Lakes 

@ 9:30 am



Individual Game


All players record gross and net.

Low net wins hole.

Ties are not carried over.

Each skin will be paid based on total league skins divided by weekly chit fund.

Game Manager:   Bill Pender



Closest to the Pin Winners:
     Palms December 12th
      Hole 3:                               Hole 8:

2020 League Application & Dues


I have just put 50 applications in our Slot in the Oakwood Clubhouse.
Please begin to pay dues on November 1- NOT BEFORE.

Yearly dues remain $90.00!
It is imperative that everyone fills out a new application with their check.
Please make sure to include your:
1. Birthday info (MM, DD, YYYY)
2. Correct Email address
3. Correct Home Address
4. Correct Phone Number
5. Name Tags- circle Yes or No and include an extra $10.00 if you circle yes
6. Spouses name if applicable
7. GHIN Number if you have one
8. Also please circle your preferred Tee

Applications are also available on our IronOaks Web Site, Membership tab.

Final Date for filing the app and check is 12/27 in order to play the first date in January.

If you do not plan on rejoining the league please send me an email so I do not pester you with reminders.

If you have any questions please email me @
or phone:       480-802-9852


      Lee Boudreaux                   Larry Johnson

STARTING November 07th .......


Dec. 19, 2019:

General Meeting and Luncheon!

Main Banquet area.

League Application & Renewal for 2020. See Membership Information Tab above.






Bulletin Board

Check out the Reports Page:

               1. Adjusted Course Rules;

               2. Complete Weekly Winners Report

Check out the Membership & Contact Pages:

               1. 2019 Members Photo List & New Board List               



The Pulse 


See Below:





Attached are the minutes (PDF Format) for the September 19, 2019 meeting.

Any comments or questions should be addressed to Lloyd Schaeffer, President.


GAG Meeting Highlights - Oct. 28, 2019

Over seed program for Ironwood went well. The course is open, but the Cart Path Only rules are still in effect. The new grass requires additional time to fully emerge and form strong roots. Additional grass seed will be applied to “thin areas’’.

Oakwood over seed program is well underway at this time. The cool night time temperatures did delay the germination of the Rye grass somewhat, but additional water and fertilizer are being applied. The Oakwood courses are scheduled to open for play, with Cart Path Only rules in effect, on 11/7/19.

The golfers are observing the CPO rules and the signs posted in Ironwood helps as a reminder. There will be similar signs posted on the Oakwood courses when they open 11/7/19.

The Oakwood rest rooms are currently being renovated and should be open on 11/7/19.

The Oakwood pro Shop renovations are underway and the shop is expected to open by 12/1/19. There will be a temporary desk area on the pro shop patio to accommodate golfers when the courses open on 11/7/19.

The amenity fees were announced at the 10/23/19 HOA Board meeting and were discussed at the GAG meeting. There will be no increase in the Annual 7 Day Oakwood /Ironwood Golf Membership or the various Punch Card choices. There will be slight increases in daily green fees, however. Non Resident golf fees will increase slightly as well.

The special access flag (Handicap Flag) issue was discussed and some future changes are being considered in the program.

There is a vacancy on the HOA Board and applications are available at the Oakwood front desk.

The road work in Ironwood will continue for a few more weeks. There will be a second phase of the project in the near future.

Golfers are reminded that  during the over seed program the Oakwood courses are closed to all traffic; foot, carts, bikes and that no animals are permitted on the courses at any time.


Jim Wegman, GAG Member 




Penalty Areas, More Than Just a Name Change

Written By: Lyman Gallup, Rules Official


Learn & understand the new rules, it will help your game!

Great Video - Click on this link:       Learn More




Updated Constitution & By-Laws

June 15, 2019



Attached is a copy of the updated Constitution & By-Laws!

Advise Lloyd Schaeffer if you have any comments.




Ross Buckendahl

Nov. 06, 2019



2019 Overseed at the Oakwood Course


The golf course maintenance team has completed the 2019 overseed process, with the final seed being planted on Sunday, October 20th. We started watering immediately for quick germination. In a typical year, the weather cooperates a little better, the nighttime temperatures stay in the 50’s at a minimum, and we see germination after 5-7 days. This year we were dealt some unseasonably cooler temperatures and actually had frost 3 consecutive mornings. This light frost slowed down the ryegrass growth and germination at Oakwood. We feel that we are about 4-5 days behind in the growth and germination because of the cooler evening temperatures. The daytime temperatures have been optimal for germination and growth, but it's the nighttime temps being lower than we would like that are preventing the growth.

When we prepared the golf courses for overseed, we did not get as aggressive with the height of cut on the Bermuda grass. We chose to do this to help in our spring transition. The less grass we remove at overseed, the better the spring transition. With that being said, the ryegrass planted during overseed needs to grow a little bit taller before it "covers" the yellow of the Bermuda grass. It's taking longer to cover the yellow Bermuda because the yellow Bermuda is taller than it was last year, but it’s at an early stage.

As you head out to play golf this year at Oakwood, you will come across areas that appear to be "thin." This appearance is because the Bermuda grass is dormant already. Again, in previous years, the Bermuda grass was not dormant; it was green, giving the appearance of a full overseed. The monostand of ryegrass this year is just as good as last year. There are always a few thin spots, and we have reseeded them. As the plant matures, it will continue to fill in, and those areas will be great.

We look forward to not only a great season, but a smooth transition into summer.





As we approach year’s end the Board Members of the Niners, Committee Members and Game Managers, extend season’s greetings to all our members and their families. May you all enjoy the peace and light of the season. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and may 2020 bring us good health, happiness, wonderful memories and great golf experiences.

Hey, we have two new members; Waldo Downey, sponsored by David Mork and Larry Weaver sponsored by Larry Schuller. Welcome Waldo and Larry, and thanks David and Larry.

Increased membership is always a good thing. It says that our league is well thought of and members are happy to sponsor friends to join us. But, there comes a time when our success exceeds our ability to accept more members. We have reached that point. Membership in the Niners has risen to an incredible 107 active golfers. As we can only field 84 golfers each week; 72 in the am shotgun and 12 in the afternoon, the league must sadly freeze our membership immediately. We will no longer be accepting applications.

It is my sad duty to report the passing of Rudy Vraspir. Rudy was a long time Niner, Board member and President of our league. Rudy was a tireless worker for our league and stayed connected to us by creating the Award Certificates each year. We offer our deepest condolences to the Vraspir family.




1st Lee Boudreaux John Britz James Coughlin Jim Deleo, 2nd (TIE) Charlie Hughes Mike Osborn Carl Burnham Jr. Jim Wegman, Jonathan Russell Jim Lankford Tom Bleier Peter Gerdik 4th   (TIE) Gene Cole Russ Shurts Bill Slattery Larry Swanson, Larry Johnson Lynn Thompson Lou Blas 6th (TIE) Bill Pender Dennis Clark Mike Stewart Gordon Graham, Mark Neilson Jim Mendenhall Nick Angele Len Dolins.


Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No.2 Larry Burke No. 6 Jim Theobald.



1st (TIE 3) Jim LaBarge Gene Cole Gary Nessel Roger Rusche, Jim Johnson Bob Ludwig Lynn Thompson Mike Stewart, Bob Pender Dave Mork Pete Stein 4th  Virg Einck Lou Blas Larry Hanken Terrill Simmons. 5th (TIE4) Bruce McCorkle Larry Burke Bill Slattery Bill Bartoo, Ed Anderson Jim Daleo Tom Bleier John Gaudioso, Jim Campbell Mark Moberg Ed Werner Gordon Graham and Don Lewis Mark Neilson Bill Whitely Jerry Vickery.


Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No.4 Jim Campbell No.7 Gary Nessel.


11/21/19 The Step-Aside Scramble on the Sonoran Course was cancelled due to adverse weather and course conditions.

There was no organized play for the Niners on 11/28/19 Thanksgiving Day.

The Annual Membership meeting and Awards Luncheon will take place on December 19 at the Oakwood Clubhouse immediately after morning golf.

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